2 Inspirational Workshops This Thursday at 9 am.

Inspiration:                                                              the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative

We've doing a lot of that since the beginning of August . . . Simple Inspiration . . .inspiring people in three areas: gardening/farmyard/the meal table. We've had a gazillion different workshops on container gardening, composting, herbs, growing in shady places, how to sprout, beginning gardening, lasagne gardening and so far we've had one farmyard workshop - all about raising back yard chickens and so far we've inspired you with Vicky's Taking The Mystery Out of Indian Cooking workshop a week ago. 

So, now let's continue this week with more inspiration! Kari and Jill are both teaching workshops THIS Thursday morning at 9 am. Jill is demonstrating (hands on) a How To Compost - The Basics. This workshop will meet along the West Wall garden. Register here

Kari will teach you all about fertilizing your garden...very important to know! Register here

We'd love to continue inspiring you - by offering what you need - or would like to see. Please leave a comment here and we'll see how we can provide that.