The Simple Farm Table


It's taken many years working the farm to realize that the table is our best way to serve our community. With the onset of each scheduled dinner, Michael and I get pretty excited to see who is coming to share the feast with us at our table.  Hosting you is like a dream - at our farm - at our home - with you and of course, with an amazing Chef who shares the same vision and heart values as we do.

Farming this parched land for the past 8 years has taught us so much - but a few things that stand out are just how so important community is. We have learned it IS important to know where your food comes and how eating together as family, friends and strangers really matters. With this and more - we feel so honored that we get to collaborate with Chef Derek Christiansen of Moonrise Standard.

In wanting to communicate the shift with our farm - (giving more time to our community dinners with Chef Derek, continuing building our caramel business and spending time formulating a new serum), I felt at a loss for words to explain our WHY until I reread Chef Derek's ABOUT here and below:


Our food chain is battered & bruised.

We're doing our best to help revive a food system where the health of the people,

communities & the land come before the health of pocketbooks & large corporations.

We believe that connecting with food, respecting the sources,

learning how to cook & understanding how to eat can drastically change our lives now

& the planet for years to come.

This Friday, May 25th is our Cool of the Evening Dinner at the farm. We have a few seats left and Michael and I want you to come. So, we are giving away 2 seats for this dinner. Purchase ONE ticket - let us know you want to bring a friend and the friend is your guest and ours too. When the 2 seats are taken - we will remove the offer. This is to show you just how much we believe in the value of gathering and feasting together.

Happy Saturday! Bitter ~ Sweet + Dinner This Friday, May 25th


Making changes are always hard/good/bitter/sweet and this spring knew that our farm/life/business focus would become redirected so more time could be given to T S F Botanicals - our farm's skin care line.  So, closing JUST the day open to the general public (Thursdays) was announced this past week on this Facebook post here and on this Instagram post here.

Of course our sea salt caramels  + T S F Botanicals Collection is available!

Both our farm's products are available All OVER the Phoenix Valley and in a few new shops across the country.  I will post a list of LOCAL + Other State shops soon, but if you need to several packages of caramels or product from the skin care line - place an order here or here - request "farm pick up" and I will refund your shipping and we will arrange a time (within 48 hours) for pick up.

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Gatherings Around The Table

Gatherings around the table will continue as it's a way that Michael and I love to connect with the community around us.  It's in a lovely, relaxed atmosphere and for almost a year and a half we have opened our farm to amazing local valley Chefs who prepare, on site, the most wonderful culinary experience using our farm's wood ovens. We have a few seats remaining at this Friday, May 25th, Cool of The Evening Dinner with Chef Derek. You're invited.

Are You an Entrepreneur? Business owner using Instagram? This is For You.

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June 15th - A Wine + Cheese Evening

for "Insta-preneurs"

What is an Insta-preneur? An Insta-preneur is an active Instagram user who is using this medium to grow their creative businesses and looking to connect, create and be inspired.

Summer is the time to evaluate, envision, whiteboard, and get strategic. And we need each other. Surrounding yourself with other creatives (even if they are not in the same business) sprouts brilliance, new ideas, friendships and can be a major springboard for your business.