How did you get started?

It all started when Michael watched a video called "Home Grown Revolution". See the YouTube documentary HERE.  And our personal story is HERE.

how do I buy your goat milk caramels?

We'd love for you to give our goat milk caramels a try. Go HERE to order.
We also offer local pickup at our FarmShop on Thursday mornings from 9-11:30am. See the FarmShop page HERE for more info.


do you sell your caramels at other stores or markets?

We sure do. Here is our current (and growing) list of shops in the Phoenix Valley as well as Terminal 3 and Terminal 4 in the Phoenix Airport.

Do You Offer Wholesale Pricing?

We offer volume discounts for shop owners who are interested in carrying our caramels.  For more information, please contact us HERE.

Can I visit the farm?

We are a working farm with a bustling caramel business as well as taking care of providing produce we grow for our 30 Farm Member Families, so unexpected drop ins are really a distraction. However, DO visit our farm on Thursday mornings.  We are open to the public from 9-11:30 am.  Of course, except when closed during hot summer months. Due to liability and other issues we not longer allow our farm guests to stroll through the farm and everyone is guided by the pathway to our FarmShop and the FarmShop garden.

Read more about our FarmShop by clicking HERE.

Please note: we DO close the farm completely down sometime in June UNTIL sometime in last September/early October. If the front gate is CLOSED - it means we are NOT open. Here is a recent blog post with an explanation.


do you rent GARDEN space for parties or events?

Yes - we sure do. We'd love to talk with you about reserving a garden space for an adult gathering or party or a corporate event.  We even have garden space that seats between 80-100 people. Email us through our contact form HERE. At this time we do not host weddings at our farm.


Yes! Photography sessions must be approved and scheduled by contacting us through the contact form HERE. Our photography site fee is $90 an hour. Here is an example of an Engaged Couple Shoot Michael and I did recently here.





can i volunteer at the farm?

As a busy farm we always love extra helping hands. Volunteers "work" under Joy, our farm manager. Contact us HERE for more volunteer information.

HOW DO I BUY YOUR PRODUCE AND FLOWERS? How do I become a farm member? read this example here.

We grow produce for our 30 Farm Member Families only.  SEE THIS. When we have an overflow of the harvest, we put it in the FarmShop which is open to the public on Thursdays, 9:00 - 11:30 AM. More info on the FarmShop page.

How can I be added to the newsletter list?

We always encourage every one to keep up on all our farm news and updates. Subscribe HERE.


Farm Tours

 If you're interested in a docent led farm tour, contact us here. Our farm tours take place during the week and last for about 45 minutes. Minimum tour fee is $450. Contact us HERE for more info and to schedule a tour.






Workshops and Classes

From time to time we schedule Cheese Making Workshops, Gardening Workshops, Water coloring, Photography, Lettering workshops. To be notified of the next workshop subscribe HERE.