Give Goat Gifts From Our Farm

More and more is being written about the benefits that come from products made from goat's milk. For the skin -it's the same ph as skin and for the food aspect - it's alkaline verses acidic and most lactose intolerant people tolerate very well cheese and milk from goat's milk.

Here are two gift ideas for you.

Salted Goat's Milk Caramels
Need I say more about our farmstead salted goat milk caramels AND our salted caramel sauce? Just this morning I started several fresh, small batches of our caramel sauce. Ice Cream, brownies, oatmeal, pancakes, coffee, crepes, apple crisp and ?

Pick up from the farm or ordering online at

Sorry, we do not ship this - right now.

Goat's Milk Soap
Want happy skin? Try Annabelle's Goat's Milk Soap - it's at our market and it's deliciously luxurious. I prefer the oatmeal that is unscented. Besides the goat milk - and the different oils she uses, I love the oatmeal - it's a wonderful and natural exfoliant. There's lots of different ones at the market and they're all amazing.

One of the benefits of goat's milk soap is that it's the same ph as your skin. Read this Top Ten Benefits here and then stop by our farm on Thursday to pick up a few bars.

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