Farm Update: 2 New Workshops and Thinking Pumpkins

Two Farm Updates....

Plant Sales
Plant Sales for Your Gardens - is closed down UNTIL we reopen the farm. This gives Suzanne Vilardi and her team lots of time to grow all the vegetables on your list for fall planting. I've been privy to her pipeline of what's going to be available and let's just say...I'm giddy. 

Farm Re-open Date
So - when WILL our farm REOPEN to the general public? Mark the date - Michael says:

Thursday, OCTOBER 17th
and every Thursday - 8:30 until Noon
Deliciousness at our Farm
Inspiration at our Farm
Us and you at our Farm

Some of the delicious herbs we grow at The Simple Farm.

2 New Workshops
Beginning Gardening - September 12th at 9 am 
Be inspired to start your own garden!  Learn all the steps needed to start gardening and growing your vegetables and herbs. Register HERE.

Herbs - All About Growing Herbs - September 19th at 9 am
As you know, if you come to our market, that I love herbs and we grow many wonderful culinary herbs along with some medicinal ones.  

The Herb Workshop Scoop:
Basil thyme, mint, oregano....Fresh herbs add life to salads and dressings, veggies, meat and even desserts and beverages. They also have many health benefits. Even so, they are an expensive luxury these days, one that many households bypass in favor of their dried (but less tasty) versions.  There is no need to buy expensive fresh herbs at the grocery story in order to experience their beauty, aroma and tantalizing flavors. The answer? GROW THEM Yourself! It's easier than you think!

In this workshop, Kari, will teach you the basics of starting and maintain an herb garden, as well as how to harvest your herbs. You will explore herb preservation methods and cooking tips!

Register HERE

Thinking Pumpkins and Pumpkin Pies and Pumpkin Scones and Pumpkin Butter!

Pie Pumpkins from Crooked Sky Farms
We're always evaluating the farm - redefining areas and right now the West Wall Inspiration Garden area is beginning to take on a new look.

Different farm members have been working hard to clean out and set up to get ready for a Fall Harvest ~ Pumpkin Patch area (details of all the fun will be blogged about in October), a Hands-On area for gardening workshops - the first one is HERE. The idea (just forming) is to create a garden learning center with kids and parents in mind.

But for now, won't you think PUMPKINS with me?  Just to help you think PUMPKINS with me - here's the most delicious Pumpkin Scone recipe ever!!! Go HERE.

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