Easy Steps to Making Yummy Bread

The summer of 1971 I traveled to Bavaria where I experienced life in the village of my Grandfather. I have wonderful memories of those three months there but on in particular stands out.

Those three months have such wonderful memories and one in particular was the early morning clipity clop of the bread wagon coming to the center of the village. At the time, I thought it strange that this bread was not in a plastic bag and wasn't white and soft.

Different seasons of my life, I've made bread. At one time, I made and sold bread to generate revenue for my family. 

We want you to inspire you to capture the joys of making bread 
and so we're having a hands-on bread making 
workshop on Sunday, November 17th, 3 - 5 pm

This adults only workshop is 2 hours and the fee is $30.

The workshop description is HERE

Register for this workshop HERE.

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