You Can Grow Vegetables In Containers AND Watering Basics Classes THIS Thursday Morning

In July we began something new at our farm - farm to home inspiration called Simple Inspiration and already we've had over 50 people attend our classes.

You can read more about Simple Inspiration here.

This Thursday morning we two more inspiring classes to encourage you to grow your own food. And this Thursday morning we are having another garden plant sale.

One of the ways gardeners "kill" their vegetables or herbs is under watering or overwatering. Come to Kari's class this Thursday at 9 am and learn the secrets to successful watering.

Advance Registration here.

Have you ever thought it was possible to take advantage of a small space to grow vegetables in containers? Well, you sure can!

This Thursday morning, August 22nd, at 10:15 am, Kari Spencer, one of our Simple Inspiration instructors will teach you how you can successfully grow vegetables and herbs in containers.  She will talk about the proper soil to use as well as container options, sunlight and space needs and a number of other things so you can feel confident to start your own back yard garden this weekend!

Advance registration here.

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