Wooden Door Table - The History and Alfresco Musings

Beautiful. Exquisite. Lovely. History. Incredible. All words that roamed through my mind when I first saw this beautiful door/table.

One day, not to long ago - a daughter of my heart - called - and offered it to me. Thank you sweet DOMH for this gift. 

Within a few hours this lovely piece came back to our farm.  Initially, it found a spot at our farm patio (where we hold Simple Inspiration classes all about back yard farming/gardening/growing food/raising hens and goats/cheese making/ 4-5 ingredient dinner meals/gathering folks around the food at your table. . . etc . . . etc.

Yesterday, this table found it's resting spot - where the history of the door - can be part of our alfresco times of musing with the company of family, farm guests and friends.

lylah lednerComment