Simple Inspiration - Planting For The Harvest Table Now

I'm already thinking about Thanksgiving . . . the time to gather around the meal table with loved ones and even strangers . . . the time to pause, reflect and give thanks . . . for so many things.

In our home, Thanksgiving was always such a beautiful time to bring out the special plates and platters and to add those special garden touches and mix in some old silver or gold pieces. 

Did you ever think that all you need to create a lovely tablescape can come directly from your own garden? Things like squash, gourds, flowers, grasses and herbs can be grown and harvested at just the right time for creative fall decor, tablescapes and meal preparation.

Autumn is just weeks away, and for gardeners it's time to start planting with an eye toward autumn hospitality.  We're excited to have Kari Spencer teach this Simple Inspiration class - 

Planting for the Harvest Table

This class will inspire you with creative ideas for using natural decor as well as what to plant now for that fall decorative and culinary harvest.

At this class - you'll learn which pumpkin and other squash varieties are best for decorating or baking and which ones to grow now. You'll also learn how to make your own homemade pumpkin puree, what herbs and flowers you can plant now for the fall as well as we'll teach you simple ways to preserve those herbs. 

DATE: Thursday August 8th

TIME:  9 am

PLACE: The Simple Farm Patio


COST: 10.00


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