Good Morning - August Farm Life Is On A Roll - Farm Members Update

Closing the market until sometime in October, doesn't mean Michael and I are slowing down. Farm life doesn't ever really slow down. . . it just changes. Constantly.

We're continuing to plan and prepare for our fall Simple Inspiration classes and workshop along with  scheduling a few (limited seating) farm to table experiences. Michael has begun to (mentally) map out the fall herb and vegetable season of chard/kale/spinach/gourmet lettuces along with our Paris carrots, French breakfast radishes and lots of herbs - culinary and medicinal.

We have decided (at least for today) to breed three girls and milk two through. Storm and her daughter Plum will not get boy dates this year.  Those two girls will be our fall and early winter caramel makers.

Misst Storm will be milked through this season. Not sure how she feels about NOT having a boy date. 

Farm Members Update
We are excited about all the interest in folks becoming a member of The Simple Farm. We have talked with many this season at the farm.

Two things: IF you are an OLD or NEW farm member, I'm trying to gather names/email addresses for the record. Would you help me out and email me at and put your name in the subject line and the word MEMBER. In the future we'll try to have new members register with the i-pad at the market.

The next thing is...we'd love to get all members (if you're physically able) to complete your farm chore. Just one 30 minute farm chore - at your convenience. IF you haven't done one yet - let me know when you email me.

What Will Be In The Market for Farm Members
Every day but Saturday - you can purchase your RAW Goat milk/ goat cheese, specialty butters and honey.

We decided to CONTINUE putting vegetables and herbs and eggs in the market on THURSDAY mornings. Kinda like we've always done. We will remove them at the end of Thursday. It's JUST way to hot to keep them everyday and since we're working on other projects/planning/breeding for fall - we'll just set things out one day. The only yummy bread available will be what is NOW in the freezer. I have a feeling it will be gone by Thursday. I don't know about you, but I already miss my sprouted wheat and cinnamon raisin.  Carol DID say she will bake after her kitchen gets put back together and bring a stash of bread sometime in September.

Apples AND peaches WILL be at Thursday Members Market this week!
Another reminder - whenever you decide to shop the market - it's a CASH/CHECK ONLY. We are not manning the market to give you change OR take a credit card. Don't forget...write your full name, list your purchases and put your cash/check in the drop box INSIDE the market.

What's going on? Simple Inspiration Classes and Workshops
Our passion is to see people grow their own food. . . to take little steps toward that freedom to grow and not be dependent on really anyone. So far our Simple Inspiration classes on gardening have been WELL received and ATTENDED.  We are continuing these classes and are adding some evening workshops which we'll post soon.

Eggplant, okra, peppers, malibar spinach, squash, melons, cucumbers and more!

Plant Your Garden Now
Did you know we have added a Market Garden Center with Suzanne Vilardi's beautiful vegetable and herb transplants? We sure did.  Thursday from 8:30 until 10:30, Friday from 4 - 6 and Sunday mornings from 8 - 9:30 am these plants are avaiable for purchase and Tracy with Sonoran Seasons is there to help you with your garden purchases. Plants are $3 each or 4 for $10.
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