Fall is In The Air! Well...Fall Vegetable Garden Plant Baby Plant Sale

I know. I'm posting a lot lately - mostly about gardens, planting, classes, plants, etc. But it's the season and so many TSF people are wanting gardens, have gardens, need help with their gardens and/or don't know where to go for really good transplants.

Sonoran Seasons Plant Market is our our farm to make it a bit easier for you. And, they're having a sale for your FALL Vegetables THIS Thursday and SUNDAY at our farm.

Sonoran Seasons Photo

These hardy seedlings are sold to you in tiny, bare-soil "plugs" instead of traditional nursery pots.

You'll find them to be healthy, happy, and ready for immediate transplant into your fall garden, containers or grow systems.

The preferred plant starts of farmers and hydroponic enthusiasts alike, plugs are a fantastic solution for all types of gardens - traditional in-ground beds, container and raised beds, or hydroponic / aquaponic systems (see inventory list below of plants appropriate for soilless grow systems).

Sonoran Seasons be offering plugs for sale in the following locations over the next week: Thursday, August 21st at The Simple Farm from 8:30am to 11:30am and Sunday, August 25the from 8 - 9:30 am

Plant Plugs suitable for Tower Gardens @ $.50 each 
Basil, Large Leaf Italian Lettuce, Red Salad Bowl Mint, Peppermint Mint, Spearmint Oregano, Greek Pansy, Delta Pure Color Mix - Edible Salad Flower Parsley, Curled Parsley, Plain Italian Swiss Chard, Bright Lights Thyme, English

Plant Plugs suitable for Traditional Gardens @ $.50 each
Broccoli, Green Comet Brussels Sprouts, Jade Cross E Cabbage, Chinese Joi Choi (Pak Choy) Cabbage, Copenhagen Market Cauliflower, Snow Crown

Plant Plugs suitable for both Tower and Traditional Gardens for $1.00 each 
Lavender, French Rosemary, Upright Sage, Berggarten

Come check out our great selection of tiny starts to help you take the earliest and best advantage of our amazing Arizona autumn growing season, in whatever form you garden!
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