Sunday Start Sale - 8-9:30 am AND Gardening In A Box - By Jill Green - Sweet Life Gardens

8-9:30 am 
at The Simple Farm
Everything you can PLANT NOW 
in our desert climate will be for sale 
Sunday morning 
ONLY from 8-9:30.

Scroll ALL the way down for a sampling of what you can plant today!!!!!  

Grab your coffee and come over and buy your locally-grown organic starts 
and then go home and plant! 

If you are ready to put some raised beds in your back yard - 
Jill Green from Sweet Life Garden shows you how. 

See below!

  Ok . . .
beginning gardeners, 
gardeners needing more visual "how to" and 
gardeners needing some garden inspiration . . . 

my sweet, beautiful friend Jill - of Sweet Life Garden is our farm's guest blogger. 

she share's the HOW and WHY her own garden is so lovely and productive.

We really want to help you move forward to grow your own food with confidence. If you have failed in the past - consider the failure as one more stepping stone to learn and growing.  If you only knew how often Michael and I have failed - but we have the attitude - it's like a science experiment at times. 

Jump in. 
Start to grow - your own food - for your family - then think about the neighbors around you who you can help - give to - care about - invite over to share in the fruit of your labor from your own gardens. 

Let's build community - over food - food we grow ourselves. 

I believe we can change the world - one meal table at a time - with food from our own back yard.

What You Can Plant Today!

- Peppers - Shishito, Jalapeno, Habanero, Cayenna 
- Tomatoes - Punta Banda, Taxi, Stupice 
- Basils - Mrs Burns Lemon, Amethyst, Genovese, Napoletano, Thai, Violetta Aromatico 
- Summer Squash - White Scallop, Striped of Napoli, Lemon, Romanesco, etc. 
- Winter Squash - Butternut, Buttercup, Spaghetti 
- Cucumbers: dark and light Mekti Armenian; Lemon 
- Hibiscus sabdariffa (aka Roselle) - tea variety 
- Red Burgundy Okra 
- Malabar Spinach
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