Our Farmers Market Closes This Thursday Until October Sometime

The girls LOVE the kind people who brought them mesquite pods. While on a market break - we will start breeding the girls. I've been working on plans for the January - March kidding season and our farm kidding page will be up in September so you can know which babies will for sale.

We've been trying to announce and let everyone know that this Thursday - August 1st is our last market and French cafe until sometime in October. 

The market and any produce we do harvest will be available to our farm members. If we have not personally chatted about what you becoming a farm member - this Thursday is the last opportunity to do so and become a farm member.  Besides the chat explaining farm membership - you are required to do a ONE TIME farm chore (about 30 minutes). 

Produce harvested - mostly eggplant, basil, okra, peppers and armenian cucumbers will be set out on Thursday morning only.  Goats milk and goats cheese and honey and those specialty butters will be available. There is no credit card taken or change given. 

Garden Plants - see here

What will happen though - is that the French Cafe will be full of beautiful vegetable and herb plants for you to purchase on Thursday mornings from 8:30 until noon. Cash or check only! Any produce in the market is available for farm members only. 
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