I Forage - You Forage

I'll be honest. I long to be in cooler weather, big shady trees, babbling brook, rolling hills, lush areas where we could allow our goaty girls to have liberty to munch and roam and explore and eat fun things like black berry bushes, clover, strawberries, tall growing grass, etc. etc. etc. and of course - where this would all take place would be right near my seven amazing grandchildren where I'd spend every other waking hour staring into their eyes and hearing their little hearts and doing whatever else they'd like to do. . . oh, I'd be making salted goat milk caramels too - cause we have our first store in the Seattle Bainbridge area to put our caramels in a cute vintage, wire basket on the counter near their register!


Our little goat farm is on what's called a "dry lot"....what I described above is not a dry lot. So, to compensate for my desire for the above - Michael and I forage for our girls.  This season we've trimmed our apple trees (a lot and probably not such a great job trimming as we climb the ladder in the dark at cut branches off to feed them - to coax them into their 'night time' pens - can you picture this?), we also trim our grape vine, the mint and lately have been taking nice snips of those two HUGE mulberry trees as well as that pine tree.


This past Thursday, a mom and two daughters walked through our market/cafe gates carrying 2 HUGE sacks. I had all sorts of thoughts running through my head - of which none were correct.

This mom with her girls - gathered up MESQUITE PODS for our girls and boys. If the goaty girls and boys could vocalize how they 'feel'....you'd hear them bleating and bellowing things like, "That Woman Rocks." or "Just What I Needed." They're in mesquite pod heaven and I know whatever benefit mesquite pods have ...they've longed for.

So, if you feel so inclined to "recycle" your mesquite pods - bring them . . . in a big bag. Make sure they're "clean" like the ones brought on Thursday ....meaning NO oleander leaves or really anything else....    There is much toxic to a goat.

Thank you in advance. You're awesome foragers!
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