Goats Goats Goats - Why Goat's Milk Is Good and We Now Have Raw Goat's Milk

It's no shocker that we think goats are pretty cool animals. . . . like big dogs . . . that give milk.

The milk the girls give (and any healthy goat) according to Bernard Jensen, Ph.D. is "one of life's greatest healing foods."

Often, people who are allergic to cow's milk are not allergic to goat's milk. On page 3 of Goat Milk Magic (Dr. Jensen's book) he says, "Some years ago, the Journal of the American Medical Association published an article titled ' Dietetics and Hygiene,' which reported: "The goat is the healthiest domestic animal known. Goat milk is superior in every respect to cow's milk. Goat milk is the ideal food for babies, convalescents and invalids, especially those with weakened digestive powers. Goat milk is the purest, most healthful and most complete food known."

On the next page, I read:
The balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats in goat milk is excellent and a quart of raw goat milk is only 630 cal roes. The amount of calcium and phosphorous in a quart of goat milk is adequate to supply the average persons daily needs, and significant amounts of all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed for wellness. Goat cream is the easiest cream to take into the body. . .

Raw Goat Milk At Our Farm
It's been in the works for a bit of time, but Crow's Dairy is now suppling the Phoenix Valley (at various locations) with their delicious, beneficial and amazing RAW goat's milk. We are one of their locations.

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