Farm Membership

What is a Farm Member and How Do I Become a Member of The Simple Farm?
A farm member is one whom I (Lylah) have personally chatted with you (face to face) and explained a bit about the heart and the why and the how of our farm and it's HSM (honor system market).  You become a farm member upon doing a farm chore - usually a 30 minute chore.

The benefit that you continue to shop our market on any other day (including Thursdays) and except Saturdays. The farm is completely closed to anyone on this day. We just need a family day together.

We open our market door after we complete our farm chores - generally 8:30 am ish and we close the market door after evening farm chores - generally 5:30 - 6 isn - depending how light it is outside.

There will pretty much always be Crow's Dairy goats milk and cheese and some Grano de Vida Yummy breads and often Nourished Gourmet Specialty butters along with our jams and jellies and our favorite local honey. At times there will be eggs, herbs, flowers and in cooler weather - we will have onions and potatoes and any other vegetables we can harvest and put out. It will NOT be like the full on Thursday market though.

If you are interested in becoming a farm member - email me at lylah and we'll arrange a time when we can connect.

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