Yup, Summer Is Here and We will be OPeN July 4th

Oh, it's a lovely heat isn't it and yet, in spite of that - we will be open this Thursday morning for a July 4th Market.  To help you get in the menu planning mode here's what we'll be having at the market and I've gathered some ideas for you to put it together.

Organic non gmo CORN 
(Incredibly delicious!)
Wrap your cobs in aluminum foil - roast on the bbq for about 7 minutes and then slather with one of Nourished Foods specialty butters. 

Michael and I used their roasted garlic parmesan butter. Heavenly.

Cherry/Yellow Pear Tomatoes and Peppers
Since you have the bbq heated up - I like those little wire baskets that can be used on the BBQ. Simply spritz the tomatoes and peppers with olive oil and a little balsamic and then roast.

Eggplant is Coming!
Eggplant is coming - and just to get you ready I thought I'd post Valerie's recipe for Grilled Eggplant with Feta (of course we have Crow's Dairy Goat Feta). Valerie is the incredibly blogger at Eat - Drink - Garden. Peruse her blog for tons of incredible menu/food/recipe/home ideas.

How about making a watermelon punch?  Valerie also has this amazing Watermelon Punch recipe here.

All the summer squashes are fabulous to roast - the zucchini types are so delicious when you slice down the middle and add fresh goat cheese (aka chevre).

We have our slicing cucumbers along with Crooked Sky's lemon cucumbers.  Make a middle-eastern salad by chopping up cucumbers and tomatoes and purple onions then toss with olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon.

Red Potatoes
Burgers and potato salad say - It's the 4th! These red potatoes make just about the best ever potato salad! Here's a great recipe for you.

We also have - local honey, local organic corn relish, plum jam, red wine jelly, fresh herbs, eggs from our girls, raw goats milk from Crow's Dairy, arugula, yellow onions, mint, basil - maybe some carrots and maybe some baby beets.

Goat Milk Caramel
Of course this stuff is best drizzled on anything sweet - brownies, apple crisp, or that 4th of July ice-cream sundae. Eaten straight from the jar works too!

Don't forget - August 1st is our last regular Thursday morning market until mid-October!
Farm members can use our HSM during the closed down time. 
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