My Dad

It's Father's Day and I want to tell you first, that I am so thankful to have my dad still living here on earth and second that he's truly one of the most amazing people.

My dad's this gentle soul. He grew up with immigrant parents in the Bronx. As one could imagine, it was a difficult growing up in the city. His father was Catholic and from a farming family and his mother was Jewish from a family of shop owners. A divorce (back then it was rare) my Dad ended up in a Catholic orphange for a stint. Not such a good situation for a tender three year old boy.

At the age of 19 (or so) my dad signed up for the navy and while on a weekend break away he met my mother in Rising Sun, Maryland. I came on the scene some 10-11 months later.

My dad took fathering seriously - he didn't shrug his responsibility to teach me and my three brothers just how important it was to do life right. I can remember so many little father-daughter chats about boys, work, responsibility, manners, respect and keeping order, etc. Dad was my protector. I knew that no matter what issue I was struggling with he could/would listen. Often I was sick as a kid and my memories of being nurtured by him are with fondness.

As an adult woman, my dad came to my rescue more times than I could count. After a horrible divorce, he was there (and my mom too). . . to pick up and pack up me and my babies . . . so that no more harm could come.

Dad will be 80 next year (July 19th) and I have watched him work through hard things and times grabbing God's grace. I watched him come through throat cancer (smoking), deal with the loss of so many dreams and ideas with grace. . . not bitterness . . .but settling down into the losses that life sometimes brings.  I watch and learn and love him even more deeply.

Today, Dad has the cutest little ebay store. His new job is collecting interesting vintage items. Here's his store of treasures and trinkets.  He lives in Texas and if there is something you would like him to find for you, just let him know. He's a great finder of fun and unusual things.

Dad, I am so proud to be your daughter. I love you. Happy Father's Day!

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