Just a Head's Up - CORN is COMING! Summer Hours

One of the things I like about partnering with Frank Martin, the farmer at Crooked Sky Farms is providing our neighborhood with things that Michael and I do not grow - like potatoes, sweet onions, and corn.

It's corn time and THIS coming Thursday we will HAVE Frank's amazing corn. It's organic and non gmo - and we can hardly wait. We'll have a limited about this first week....like 100 ears.

Summer Produce
What grows here (in the Phoenix valley) during the summer are those fruits and vegetables that hydrate you - those things with water - like eggplant, okra, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes (but not really much past 90 degrees), melons and peppers. This is what we'll be setting out our market baskets for the next weeks.

Summer Market Hours
We will be braving it through the end of July and at that time our regular Thursday market will close until mid September. If you're a Farm Member you will have the benefit of shopping our market on other days (except Saturday). We love talking about how you can become a member of The Simple Farm - so see me (Lylah) on Thursday morning at the market. We understand many work and aren't able to connect at the market. Occasionally we're able to connect at other times. Interested? Email me at lylahledner@gmail.com so we can figure out a time that can work.
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