Looking For A Special Farm Volunteer - Goat Farm Chores

Michael and I have been talking about extending our volunteers specifically to our goat herding farm chores. The talking has now moved to "we must."  We are in a need, for at least a month for a special kind of farm volunteer. 

You see, I have injured my index finger. Last night I (this is gross), I was using my wonderful (and sharp) French opinel knife that Seth (a farm volunteer gave me) to open a plastic bag. I was not paying attention and sliced a big chunk off the knuckle of my index finger. Since both hands and all fingers are used to hand milk a goat - it's impossible for me to milk our girls - and so Michael has had to add my milking chores to his. 

So, we're looking to fill a part-time volunteer position specifically to help out with our little herd of dairy goats.  We're specifically wanting a young woman who has an interest in and a love for dairy goats.  This is NOT a paid position - but one that is volunteer. The payment, in a sense, would be the learning and education she will gain from this position.

Hard working
Willing to learn - excellent listener and able to take instruction
Lover of animals with a kind spirit
Responsible and timely
Available to commit to early morning and late afternoon milking times
Willing to be patient, is calm and gentle
Can drive to and from our farm

Goat Chores Description
Goat chores (morning and afternoon, 16 hours per week) includes milking 5 does twice a day at 7 am and at 5 pm, processing milk and sterilizing milk pails and jars, feeding hay, minerals and estrella, making sure their is clean water for all the animals. 

This person would learn all aspects of managing a small goat dairy. We would need a reliable girl with a big heart, able to do some heavy lifting, willing to support us over the next 4 weeks and possibly longer. 

If you are interested, please email me at lylahledner@gmail.com and let me know why you'd like to do this, a little bit about yourself, any farm experience along with your contact information. 

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