Posey Surprises Us

Monday was a busy morning. Plum presented us with two sweet new farm babies. See here.

Tuesday morning around 6:15 am, Posey surprised us with the "I can do it all by myself" kind of attitude that we'd totally expect from her.  Posey's always been one of those independent kind of girls and this morning was no different.

After I started morning coffee, I turned on the goat cam sound. Pretty much immediately I heard a new sound...the sound of a new baby goat. Of course I yelled and ran . . . Michael on my heels.

One little girl all dried off, sitting up like a princess and another baby - a very tiny baby - wet - lying on it's side about 4' away - looking quite limp and lifeless. I was certain this baby hadn't made it and as I took a closer look, I could see him breathing and blinking his eyes. He must have just barely been born. I'm not sure why he was left along and not near his mama.  I scooped up the little guy, and took him in the house to Lindsay (the beautiful young woman who lives with us). Pretty much Lindsay's part of the birthing team has been to do any necessary suctioning and clean up of the babies. She's been an amazing help this kidding season helping us birth, take care of babies, milk the goats, clean goat pens, process milk and be an all around general support.

Both mom and babies are doing well.

The cute 6# buckling. 

Lindsay holding Lindsay.

And, thus we have concluded this seasons kidding at The Simple Farm.

Plum and Posey's sweet babies - all will be headed to new homes. Buck, Lindsay, Danny & Dora (from left to right).

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