Plum Delivers Her Twins - Swiftly and Sweetly

Plum and Posey were bred on the same day setting their delivery date for March 31st.  For the past few weeks Plum's been acting as if she were going to kid early. Her tail ligaments have been gone for three weeks and she's been showing that "getting ready to kid" discharge.

A goats gestation period is 150 days. They can deliver healthy kids five days before and five days after.  We were hoping she'd wait until at least March 26th.

Farm chores begin around 7 am here and as Michael set up the milk room with all the feed, I went out the 3 pens to begin to let the girls out for milking.  Before I even opened A pen - I went directly to B pen - where Plum and Posey are put up for the night. Posey was standing and ready to be let out and Plum was lying down. That NEVER happens, so I knew or at least thought she was in labor.  When I went over to check her, she gave me "the look."  After I saw that her water had already broken, I knew it'd be a short time before kids would begin to present themselves.

In sweet and swift and perfect fashion Plum pushed out a nice 8# spotted flashy buckling. She didn't have too much problem pushing out the kid in spite of one leg stuck back.  Lindsey and Michael worked together to clean out his nose and mouth with the aspirator.

And in the same sweet and swift and perfect fashion Plum popped out a 7# doeling. Again the duo baby goat cleaners worked to clean off this little girl.

Mom and babies are doing fantastic.  In another week or so this little girl will be headed to her new home.  The little guy still needs a home. If you're looking to add a nice colorful buckling to your herd he's $150 without papers.

Dora is the little girl on the left and Danny is her spotted flashy brother on the right.
Danny will be sold for $150 without papers.

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