Our Regular Farmers Market is Closed . . . A Caramel Experience

. . . until Saturday, January 12th.

Just a reminder . . . the regular market is on Thursdays and we have a French Cafe where we serve breakfast breads and 50 cent coffee. Baskets are filled with freshly harvested produce. Goat's milk and cheese, Grano de Vida breads, honey, eggs, caramel and herbs are in our market as well.

If you have any questions, please email me at lylahledner@gmail.com.

Farm Life Right Now
Just because the markets are closed, doesn't mean farm life/work stops. It's never ending with one project after another.  We're busy planting more seeds, cleaning out goat pens to get ready for our soon upon us kidding season, re-organizing and cleaning out areas of the farm and making more of our new farm confection - goat milk caramels (you can pick up packages at the farm and order to be shipped online at www.simplycaramel.com)  

Michael doing the morning milking of Karrie. We use stainless steel pails and filters. 

Hand-Made Salted Caramels
We had no idea (but were delighted to discover) how fast our newest (goat milk) confections would take off.  I know caramels are the "in" thing these days and will continue to be so - but I think we must have made at least 20 batches of caramel and we must have hand wrapped at least 2700 (don't know for sure) little salted caramels - because in 30 days (or so) we sold EVERY last one - of about 345 bags of our salted caramels made with Karrie's beautiful, sweet milk.  

We are so thankful to Crow's Dairy for being willing to sell us Karrie - because right now, she's our farms "caramel making goat" 

Our salted caramels have been experienced in New York, Portland, Malaysia and Kansas as well as all around our Phoenix Valley.  Question: have you had your caramel experience yet?  Order here - www.simplycaramel.com.
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