An All Encompassing Market In Each Neighborhood

What Michael and I like about Essex Farms is that their coop provides a year-round, full diet coop membership. They produce grass-fed beef, pastured pork, chicken, eggs, fifty different kinds of vegetables, milk, grains and flour, fruit, herbs, maple syrup, and soap. Read about them here.

As we've been reading Kristin's memoir on The Dirty Life, we are seeing that much of our own personal farm journey parallels theirs.  Not only the journey, but that our farm's market has unfolded into almost a "full-diet" market.  We don't provide meat or syrup or grains, but we do provide milk, cheese, eggs, breads, honey, herbs, flowers, salted goat milk caramel (you can order them online and we will ship them to you quickly - go here to order) and a beautiful assortment of local/in season vegetables.

This neighborhood farm is also providing community.  We never ever ever imagined that our simple steps and thoughts to grow a bit of food for ourselves and some for others would lead us to The Simple Farm and what it looks like today.  . . a place where community has begun to gather - to converse and experience something most people 'different' than all the other places.

Food For Thought
Now, what would happen if there were a little farm and market like ours in EVERY neighborhood? How could that happen?  What would your part be?  What if each neighborhood had it's own farm coop like the one at Essex Farms?  Would you change the way you shop and prepare meals to be a part of such a coop?

Tomorrows Baskets of Goodness
So - all that said, what will you see at our market Thursday and Saturday? And, remember it takes a different mindset to shop a market than it does to go to the big box food place with a list. If you don't know how to properly Shop A Farmer's Market - read this post.

Beets, Tuscan Kale, Red Russian and Dandelion . . . . . . as well as potatoes, sweet onions, eggplant, yellow pear and cherry tomatoes, lettuce mix, tatsoi, salad mix, squash, honey, goat milk, goat cheese, caramel, some jelly and lots of herbs - fresh herbs. See you this week!
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