What We're Growing For You This Week and Next Weeks Market (Thanksgiving)

Did you hear me holler by any chance?  Thursday morning, I was giddy seeing little baby broccoli heads finally pop out of the big leaves. By the way those leaves are delicious to eat and I think they're the best part - but anyway besides eating, they protect the new baby broccoli buds from anything that would destroy it before it's ready. . . to be birthed (in a sense).

French monster spinach showed it's loveliness at the market this week too. That stuff melts in your mouth. Each week, we hope to harvest more and more.

Roasting radishes RULE!  Don't you know how amazing radishes are when roasted? HELLO there...you're missing out if you don't give it a try. Just drizzle olive oil, sprinkle with a pinch of salt and voila - those radishes become sweeter. Add a few potatoes, and any other vegetable and you've got just about a complete dinner - serve up some slices of Grano de Vida breads or baguette with Crow's Dairy Chevre' and it's done!

I am seeing some happy little babies start to pop up on the sugar snap peas that line the beets. Both will soon be making a delightful appearance.

Each week, more and more of these beautiful vegetables will be picked and put in bags in my $3 basket.

Our FARM will be completely closed on THURSDAY - Thanksgiving Day.  I can hardly wait for my daughter from PDX and granddaughters along with my PHX daughter and all these grandchildren and husbands too - to grace my table of thanks.

The HSM will be opened all other days - EXCEPT Thursday. The farm is closed.

BUT - we'll be opened bright and early SATURDAY morning for our French Cafe' and French Vintage inspired Farmer's Market.

Thanks for supporting our little suburban farm!
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