The Glorious Egg and The Beautiful Hen

Eggs are a wonderful food. A perfect food. Hens work very hard to lay an egg. Under more prefect chicken conditions, they lay an egg every 26 hours.  Hens lay according to light hours.  When there are less light hours to the day, they'll lay less.

Hens don't lay so well under stressful situations such as heat.  It's just so hard on their cute little chicken bodies when it's hot. You can use fans, misters, put ice in their water and use sprinklers, but when it's's hot.

Hen's also don't lay when they are molting. They don't look so pretty when the molt.

Eggs don't need to be washed or refrigerated. . . . at least as long as you don't wash the egg.  If you wash the egg, you'll be removing a God-given protective coating called a bloom.  I've read somewhere that commercial egg producers - dip the eggs in lye or wash them in a chorine bath.

It's not to difficult to have a few of your own hens in your back yard. Really, it's not.

Hens have personalities. They can be very endearing and sweet. They love to eat just about anything in a yard without fences. Yesterday ours ate a newly planted raised bed with little cute lettuce starts. Oh well. They were happy.

Hens also love goat's milk. See here.

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