Our Farm's Egg Dilemma

It saddens me every time someone comes to our market with their egg carton to pick up a dozen of our farm's amazing eggs. . . and we have to say, "So sorry, we're out of eggs."

Here's a bit of understanding . .
1. Summer heat can be brutal on hens. We do everything we can to bring down heat on our girls - misters, feed shifts, fans, sprinklers, etc.  Sometimes it helps sometimes it just doesn't.  It's a lot of work for a little hen to lay an egg - it's stressful on their bodies and add to that - other conditions like heat - sometimes they just don't make it through.  In spite of taking measures to protect and aide our girls through the heat times - they succumb.  We lost about 20 hens this summer.

2. Molting is what is happening now to our girls and in talking to other hen owners - it's happening to them too. When a hen molts - they just don't lay an egg - or if they do - it's few and far between until they get through that season.

3.  When they get through the molting season - they've already aged. Older hens generally slow down on egg production. They don't lay the average of 1 egg every 26 hours.  Most hen owners - at this point - look at the time to start to raise more chicks so egg production can be maintained.

4. For us - we're evaluating the whole egg/hen/laying thing for our market.  In spite of $6 a dozen (I know some gasp and I understand Singh Farms has theirs for $7 a dozen) - it's NOT something you profit on.  Time/care/feed, etc - add up. None of us that sell our eggs make an income  - it's more of a service.

So . . . at this point we're seriously considering (because of the direction our farm is going) - not replacing our hens except for our own family consumption.  I know...I know...bummer - but farm life demands continual evaluation and re-evaluation.

5. Until then. . . we'll put out the smattering of eggs - they will be available only at our markets and not until 8:30 am. Thanks for understanding.

We so appreciate your love and support. We couldn't do what we do without you.
lylah lednerComment