Little Simple Farm Store

Every woman goes on a periodic whim of cleaning out, shifting things around and deciding that what she's collected doesn't necessarily "fit" who she is anymore.  I am in one of those whim moods and made myself what I'm calling a "little simple farm store."  I moved somethings around on the prep/storage side of our market, stapled some of my Parisian linen up to make a wall and have slowly been looking around my house and voila...have created a little farm store.

Periodically, as the whim flows I look around my home . . . and I'll add more pretty things.

Yesterday, one of my very old vintage chandeliers I've been schlepping around were re-homed. A few luncheon plates too.  Vintage linens were scooped up in a big basket for a Hope Chest (something I think every mom/grandma might think about re-instituting).

Today, Michael's taking out my 38 year old Noritake Prelude china set. I loved it. I no longer love it. It's just doesn't fit my farmer life.  A few days ago I put this (quite adorable) Poinsettia Holiday set up dishes/mugs/soup urn/butter dish and put a $50 price tag on it.

There is no real rhyme or reason to what I will gather up and set in my farm store other than the fact that I am on a whim and I am having fun.

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