New Farm Series - Places That Draw Me

Quick reminder - Saturday's French Cafe (with breakfast breads and organic coffee) and our French (Vintage-Style) Market at the farm opens at 8:30 and we'll close at Noon. Goat cheese, goat milk, breads (to die for), fresh harvested greens and some roots, herbs, goat milk caramel, local honey, sweet potatoes, yukon gold, eggplant and more.

So, I thought I'd share with you some of the places I've been to - the places that draw me - the places where I'd love to have a small goat dairy and sip French press coffee and watch my seven grandchildren grow.

 So, here's a random new farm series - Places That Draw Me.

This place draws me. It's a little spot in the world called St. Jean de Luz, located along the northern sea coast of France, just the other side of San Sebastian in Basque Country.

St. Jean de Luz is a small fishing village where Louis XIV built a 'fashionable resort' in the village Square. It's been said that the Square (below) was known as a "Little Paris."

beach house photo
Typical colors of Basque homes. This blue is my absolute favorite color to surround myself with.

photo taken on my trip to this spot

Charming. Absolutely charming.

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