Lylah's Herb Table

When Michael and I moved back into the 9080 house, one of the first things I planted in my potager (kitchen garden) was an herb garden.  Different thymes, garlic chives, flat leaf parsley, cilantro, French chervil, French tarragon and an English lavender plant filled that little garden area.  Today, I have herbs in just about every raised bed and many in ground spots.

Hyssop, French Sorrel, German, English, Lemon and Mother of Thyme grace a little garden near the red grapefruit trees. Winter savory, regular chives, basil and oregano fill in a corner in of the raised beds in the Pine Tree Garden.  

French Sorrel (a lemony perennial herb) parralles the carrots that reseeded themselves in another raised bed in the Pine Tree Garden.  Lemon verbena . . .ah, sweet smelling and soul soothing lemon verbena stands tall while sweet marjoram tries to take over it's own spot next to the lemon verbena in a little bed in the Apple Tree Garden. 

I purposed that herbs be the first thing a farm guest would see walking through the little gate by the pallet fence.  The first raised bed in the Vintage Garden there is cilantro, dill, French Sorrel, French Thyme, chives, French tarragon and a bit of parsley and of course, sage.

In my in need of much attention, Healing Herb Garden, Echinacea and Calendula both giving me the gift of returning each year. 

Herbs have always been available at our markets but I never felt as my displays did them much justice.  During our market transition when Michael put my vintage white table in the center of the room and when he hung our old chandelier, I knew then that I'd use that table as Lylah's Herb Table. 

So, right now these herbs are available on Lylah's Herb Table:
Garlic Chives
Winter Savory
French Tarragon

All our herbs are $2 an ounce. 
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