Just About Every Night . . .

. . . around 8:30 pm, I put my boots back on, pick up my nippers and head out to our family garden area to the three apple trees and a blue ladder.  

By the moonlight . . . I prune the tree. 

After I snip here and snip there, I head back to the goat yard. 
There, in the moon light, waits six girls...six goat girls.  It's like clock work. 
They know that I'm coming soon with their apple tree branches.  

You see, it's the way I (and my husband) coax the girls into what we call their "night time pens."  

This ritual happens every night.  
If you ever want to see a goat get excited - cut them some apple tree branches. 

After the girls get their branches in their "night time pens" we head 
on over to the boy goats who know . . . theirs is coming too. 

How I long and dream of green rolling hills, a babbling brook and black berry bushes, apple trees, wild spring flowers and anything else these amazing animals would love to enjoy. . . 

. . . but for now, we care for them the best way we can . . . sometimes I think they dream with me.

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