HUGE Sweet Watermelon, French Sorrel, French Breakfast Radishes. . .

. . . will all be on display at our HSM (Honor System Market) Wednesday morning.

Last week Ted came by the farm to pick up some caramel (they really like it at their family) and I showed him a few melons that were probably just about ready.  Ted picked his own, cut it, carried it off and sent me some pics along with a sweet story about it weighing 20+ pounds and tasting amazing.

Our French Breakfast radishes have gone wild. They're ready to be picked and I'll do that Wednesday morning.

The other day a woman and her daughter came to the farm. I always like to ask people how they found out about us. She told me she'd been looking for French Sorrel and my farm popped up. She was looking for it to make a Indian (from India) dish.  I have happy sorrel and was glad to cut a bag for her.

So - watermelon, radishes and French Sorrel will be something new at the HSM.

Oh, our Thursday market will open NEXT week - October 11th at 8:30 am and we'll close up the market at Noon.  Yummy breakfast breads and coffee will be served at our French Cafe AND our farm bread maker will be our farm guest. I can't wait for you all to meet Carol and tell her much your LOVE and are addicted to her breads!
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