Wednesday's Bread Van and We're Still Not Sure

Bread - Amazing Bread
Carol's made a new bread - it's an apple cinnamon bread with cooler fall days in mind. She's such an amazing bread maker - seeking that perfect bread - so much so she brought us three samples to try.  Carol wants it to be a great, fabulous bread - not just a good one.

So, since I am being emailed and Face Booked about different breads, I asked Carol to start up her oven and bake us some bread. She'll arrive this Wednesday with 20 loaves of Cinnamon bread, 5 Sprouted Wheat, 3 Apple breads and a few bags of Ciabatta.  I'm going to put the majority of the bread in the little black freezer and what doesn't fit in the baskets. Last week - all but one loaf of bread was gone within 2 hours. So, if you want bread, plan on coming sometime Wednesday. And, oh, there is a bit of a price increase - you know the drought, gas prices, etc.  It's everywhere.

Thursday Market
Our "regular Thursday market" - doesn't have an official start date - yet. We'd been sorta, kinda thinking about Thursday, October 4th - and I have sorta told some people....but, we just aren't sure. It depends on how well things are growing.

Black beauty eggplant.

Specialty scalloped squashes.

French Sorrel and Paris Carrots
But - I have been harvesting eggplant and just started harvesting chard, okra, peppers, scalloped squash,  bunching onions and it looks like some radishes are ready along with red mustard and French sorrel and our watermelon patch is full of surprises that Michael will pick soon.....and so....these items are at our Honor System Market.  So, it might not be a "regular Thursday market" but it is a market - the Honor System one.

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