Remodeling, Bread, Goat's Milk Benefits and More

It wasn't on a whim that I decided to rip down the adorable French fabric that made such a nice wall separator in our market. Nope, not a whim. A necessity, I'd say.

With high hopes of a productive growing season of chard, kale, beets,  greens, broccoli, carrots and more more space was needed. Thus a change in our French inspired Market. So, as you come through the farm on your way to the market area for the Honor System Market si vous voulez bien nous (and if my French translation of "if you'll excuse us" isn't correct, someone please let me know).  More than likely you'll see the new area in about 14 different ways until I settle on it being "just perfect."

Delicious Bread
On another bright note, there's yummy bread at the market. Let's say delicious fall comfort food bread. It's in baskets now and in the freezer as well.  Let's say I'm eating a slice slathered with butter (thank you Julia Child for the thumbs up) and drinking an afternoon little cup of French press (is there another way to drink coffee?).

Goat's Milk
Goats milk...from Crow's Dairy. Let's talk about it. You all know I'm crazy about goat's milk. Michael and I drink close to a half a gallon a day - well, maybe not quite that much. All my rant and rave about it's benefits seems to be paying off.  I'm barely able to keep Crow's Dairy vat pasteurized goat milk on the shelves and to be honest we like it that way.  If you have kids - and they get a cold - typically you need to stop giving them milk to drink - it adds to the mucous. My understanding is 'not so' with goats milk because it does not cause phlegm like cow's milk does. Check out this read on the Dairy Goat Journal.  Goat milk has 13% more calciums, 25% more B6, 47% more vitamin A and 27% more selenium. It produces more silicon and fluorine than any other dairy animal. Silicon and fluorine can help prevent diabetes.

Market Info
We're leaning towards opening our Thursday market on the first Thursday of October. Exciting stuff. Of course we'll be starting to introduce the season with smaller baskets of everything popping up and ready to harvest. As the weeks roll by, more and more will be presented.  And of course, we'll be having our morning French Cafe offering Grano de Vida breakfast breads (wait till you try the new Fall Pumpkin Scone - to die for!) and 50 cent coffee.

The Saturday morning market date is still up in the air. . . we'll keep you posted on any decision to start that fun Saturday morning time!

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