Organic and Local - The Beautiful Apples

Apple season means so many things to me  - one being it's cooler -  two being it's cold/flu season and three being apple crisps and pies.  I heard that apples somehow protect your bronchi from colds/flu.

Lately, I've been totally craving apples and we're fortunately to be able to have a few boxes of gala, granny smith and later on this week - the fugi apples (my favorite).  I keep hearing that apples are not in plenty this year, so take advantage of them while we have them.

Speaking of apples our artisan bread maker has made a new fall bread for the farm...Apple Cinnamon.  Amazing. Delicious. Toasted with butter and double wonderful.

If you have a favorite apple pie or apple crisp recipe, I'd love for you to post them in our comment section. I'll print them off and make them available at the farm.

lylah lednerComment