Adding French - Vintage Touches to the Market

Everything is changing. Even the weather is changing. Our markets are changing too.

We'll be opening our Thursday Morning Farmer's Market on October 11th at 8:30 until noon.  Breakfast breads (yummy fall scones and other delectables) and coffee will be served at our French Cafe'.

The Saturday Morning Farmer's Market start date is still being decided upon. It just depends on how things are growing.  We'll keep you posted.

The Honor System Market days and times will change too. But we'll keep you posted on that too and until we do, we really LOVE how it's working and want to keep it in one form or another.

Besides planting seeds, preparing more garden beds, milking goats, fixing a gazillion soaker hoses, doing income tax, making caramel, breeding goats, building fences, repairing well pumps, reorganizing tool sheds and just normal chores . . . we've been adding new touches to our French Market and Cafe.

Here's a peek. . .

lylah lednerComment