Bread Deliver Day Correction...Friday Morning Eggplant, Cheese, Milk, Caramel

.... ok.. my goof. Bread orders are finalized Monday mornings and delivered to the farm Friday for a Friday pick up. NOT a Thursday pick up like I'd originally posted and have since corrected over here goodness, is fall here yet?

Honor System Market
I am totally LOVING with capital letters LOVING the Honor System Market and I think those of you that are taking advantage of it do too.  Salted and the Vanilla Bean Caramel, Honey, Red Wine Jelly, goat cheese and goat milk are all being randomly picked up at the market.   I harvested a HUGE watermelon and that went pretty quick this morning.  Just gathered eggs were put out this morning and 3 dozen went immediately.  So, thanks for supporting us - as we prep beds, plan for the possibility of more beds and plant chard, kale, green beans, onions, carrots etc...which I know we're all longing for.

Friday Morning Basket
Our farm bread maker delivers her speciality breads to those who ordered on Monday. I ordered a few extras just in case those of you that missed the Monday morning order time wanted a loaf or two for the weekend.  There will also be a basket of eggplant and all these items will be set out that you can purchase Friday.

French Style Baguettes 

Farm eggplants

Bunching onions.


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