The Black Refrigerator - Goat's Milk and Cheese, Eggs and Apples . . .

. . .  that little black fridge in our French market is the place where we keep Crow's Dairy goat cheese like chevre' feta, quark, sour cream and gelato and of course qt size and 1/2 gallon size containers of their delicious goat's milk.  All the prices are listed on the outside of the fridge.

The Black Fridge full of Everything Goat. Did you know goat milk products are better for you than cow?
Goat is alkaline and cow is acidic. Acidic foods "feeds" your cancer. 

From time to time we also stock the fridge with extra eggs, caramel and bags of local grown apples.

Our farm eggs from happy hens. 

We do this because we know people need to pick up goat cheese, eggs and milk more than two days a week. It's important to us to be that place where you can come and buy local and buy fresh.

So, we have this HONOR System. 
7 days a week - from 7 am until 7 pm you can come to the farm 
through those vintage gates and can right into the market. 
You take what you want - and then in the Big Black Armoire you fill out a paper - 
put your name, what you purchased and the price.  
Then simply drop paper and cash (only) into the Drop Box inside that armoire and voila you're done. You help us and we help you. It's about trust, honor and building community.

Often - we'll harvest extra produce like eggplant or cucumbers or melons and we'll put them on the table in the market, make a sign for the price per pound or each and make those available for purchase as well.

The best cinnamon raisin bread ever!

For those who order Grano de Vida breads by Monday mornings - you'll pick up your breads at the market on Fridays between noon and 5 pm. 
You're also use the same HONOR System drop box to pay for the bread you ordered.

We like how it is working and are thankful for your support of our little suburban farm.