In The Midst of Planning . . .

 . . . there's nothing like sitting down with the love of my life, drinking a little French pressed coffee and eating one of Grano de Vida's cranberry scones . . . while planning for this next seasons plantings.

I just wish they weren't so good. 

Email me at if you're interested in ordering these cranberry scones.

Don't forget - our regular market is closed until sometime in September, 
but our Honor System Market is still open. You can buy eggs, honey, caramel, goat's milk and chevre and feta and gelato and quark and sour cream any day of the week. 
I'll do a quick update when we harvest our produce that will be in baskets in the market. 
We'll continue to grow eggplant, bunching onions, peppers, melons, herbs, okra, 
long yard beans and whatever else survives the heat. 
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