Happy Bastille Day 2012, The French Couple and The Goats

Bastille Day is a day to honor the French Republic and celebrate French culture.  So, today, in celebration of this day a young couple stopped by our farm and market (French inspired mind you) to celebrate their culture with cakes and coffee from our farm.

Thursday morning was a sight to behold. While we were setting up for the morning market and cafe' the bells were tingling....which always causes us to go see what's up.  Anita, Michelle and myself stood in front of the big goat yard watching as Queen Lavender ran back and forth, reared up and gently down by her daughter.  If you know Lavender, she doesn't run. She walks.

We watched as she did some "how to be Queen" training with her daughter and we watched as she created quite the raucous rearing up and butting heads with the other girls and we watched as she ran from one side to the other doing this funny little back end hop/flip thing.

The only earthly reason Queen Lavender would behave in such a manner. . .well, let's just say estrus has begun at the farm. . . and let's just say Michael has charted out our little goat dairy's breeding schedule with who is going to get a date with who and let's just say - we're hoping to change up our baby schedule to provide the farm with new life in January.

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