Figs and Apples and Eggs

The first "fig gathering" of the season at our farm. 

Figs . . . 
I've been waiting for the first sign of ripe figs and tonight I scored. After gathering eggs from the bigger coop I decided to take a peak at the fig trees over in the "fig tree garden" (appropriately named).  We went kind of crazy planting fig trees because they are lovely, provide shade and can be groomed to create a garden canopy of sorts and of course delicious, nutritious figs. 

Just about two years ago I wrote this Fig Torte Post on my French Home and Garden blog {here} and I can hardly wait to repeat that torte.  

Should the fig harvest be prolific, we'll make them available at our markets.  We are growing Kadota, Black Mission and my favorite - Peter's Honey.

Apples . . .
There's nothing like walking by a fruitful apple tree, grabbing a ripe ready blushing apple and taking a bite. We've been doing that a lot lately - as our Anna ~ Dorset apples are giving the most amazing apples. These apples have made their sweet presence at our markets and will continue to do so for about another week. I'm also paring down the little ones to make my delicious apple butter that several of my grandchildren ask for.

Eggs . . . 
Anita's husband, Mike, did an amazing "clean out the hen house and big barn" job a week ago. He had the great idea to add a box fan (the kind that has water in it) to the window that goes into hen house. It's made a 'night and day' difference for the girls to help cool them a bit. Thus - production has gone up a bit. If you haven't had an egg just gathered from a hen box, then you need to know you're missing out. There's a difference.  

Besides the cooling system, we put a mister hose on and also feed them as much greens as possible, tomatoes and they're pretty excited when they see a big watermelon coming. 

Hope you're staying cool and enjoying your July.  Soon, I'll update you on what's coming up next at our farm.
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