Melon Season - Charentais - Ripening Fast

People ask if we and other valley urban farmers/growers GROW in the summer. Yes we do. We don't really take a break because there are fruits and vegetables that are heat loving.

Our French melons - Charentais melons are ripening fast so we'll harvest them Wednesday and you'll start to see them at our Thursday and Saturday market. These melons are smaller, firmer and have a "gentle" sweetness. That's what makes them perfect to dress up with Crow's Dairy goat cheese or gelato - a nice summer - cool down treat.

You can even blend chunks of Charentais melon and add plain Greek yogurt or better yet - Crows Dairy Quark (What is Quark?)  - add a hint of honey and lemon juice and a tinch of cinnamon and enjoy!

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