Market Hours, No Rushing

People generally aren't to keen on change. Recently, our market hours have changed and just about everyone has adjusted and for that, we're thankful.

Just in case you missed the news - our vintage market gates open on Thursday morning at 9 am and we close the gates at Noon.  No more Thursday afternoons.  The second market opportunity is Saturday morning. Our vintage market gates open at 8 am and we will close them at 11:30.

Vintage Garden Seating
We've created a little garden seating area with some tables and chairs and umbrellas for early arrivals to enjoy the farm ambiance, sip a cup of water and wait while we finish scurrying around setting up. 

This past Thursday it dawned on me that market shopping is a lot different than big box store shopping. Three words come to mind when I think of what our market is about:

1.   l....i....n....g....e....r  AND  r....e....l....a.....x     ( I know, that's two words.)  

You just can't come to a place like ours and expect to rush in and rush out.  Often there are people walking everywhere, walking around one another and standing in line with their arms or basket filled.  Our little French cafe is full of people lingering over a cup of 50 cent coffee, an Urban Farm magazine or the New York Times or just visiting with the person in the table next to theirs.   

2.   c....o....n....n....e....c....t

The Simple Farm is about connection. Connection to earth/God/people. 
It's a place where a sense of community dwells. 
It's a place - an opportunity to connect to someone you've never met - 
because a commonality exists - over food. . . wanting 
food that is pure, good, healthy, not full of hormones, pesticides or GMO's.  

Chicory that has bolted - and in it's bolting it's most beautiful.
Yesterday people in line waiting to check out began to chat - they chatted over the farm experience, over how they were planning to prepare the squash, the eggplant or 
that they were going to try pickling cucumbers for the first time.

3.    e....x....p....e....r....i....e....n....c.....e

Experience is my third word - because that's exactly what you do (if you slow down enough) - experience. A place like ours is to be experienced - to be soaked up.  I think most of us Westerners have lost the art of "experiencing" - we're going way to fast to the next thing that we miss the moment. We miss the now. This farm is about retraining human senses to soak up and take in and breathe a bit.

So, we hope when you turn into 9080 you'll let go of any of the rush 
to connect and to experience what it is that Providence has for you here.
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