Cinnamon Rolls for our Saturday French Cafe

Carol, our farm's bread maker, is more than amazing. She is a woman who has studied bread making for about 18 years and before she takes up the task to make a new bread - she  studies and studies and researches and reads and then does it some more. Incredible - she is.

When Anita and I heard that Carol makes cinnamon rolls, we just about dropped everything. Who in the world doesn't like cinnamon rolls? Like it's a memory food - a coffee breakfast food - and one that makes everything wrong turn right.

All that being said, we begged (no not really) Carol to bake us cinnamon rolls. So, we'll have a small amount in our French cafe for Saturday's market.

Cinnamon rolls and coffee at The Simple Farm. How good can it get!

The Saturday market will open at 8 am and close promptly at 11:30. It's a seasonal market so it's best to follow/subscribe to the blog to stay updated to any changes.
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