28 Reasons to Love Chevre - by Chez Loulou

One of the blogs I love to read is Chez Loulou. She's an American living in France.  Of course yesterday's post - 28 Reasons to Love Fromage de Chèvre caught my eye because we carry Crow's Dairy chevre at our farmers market.  You can buy Crow's Dairy chevre any day from our farm. It's in the black fridge in the market. Here's how.

Chevre with borage flowers.

Sometimes I'm at a loss for ways to use this fabulous goat cheese but Chez Loulou makes up for my loss here.

In an asparagus omelet  
Custard with strawberries in red wine syrup 
Tartlets with walnuts 
Stuffed into roasted tomatoes
Drizzled with acacia honey

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