Farm Volunteers are Special People

Last Wednesday morning two women arrived at our farm at the same time. Neither one knew the other and yet within a very short amount of time these two women chatted up a storm about everything while working side by side.

Normally, I don't give new volunteers the messy jobs - at least right off the bat. But, our night time goat pen was in desperate need to be cleaned out and thus - these two women spent the next two hours cleaning - raking, digging and hauling old straw that will make its way to a new compost pile out on the field.

Volunteers like these two women are every farmers dream. The fact that people give up a few hours on a morning or afternoon and drive (gas is expensive these days) the distance to come to a little neighborhood farm to give a hand is huge.

Normally, Wednesdays have been our volunteer days - but due to our increasing projects and growing season, we are going to open up Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday and Friday as days that we'd love an extra hand or two.  To show appreciation, we'd like to send you home with one of our starts - your pick - tomato or cucumber.

So, if you have a bit of extra time we'd love the help.

lylah lednerComment