Off To Market We Go

I always look forward to receiving David Lebovitz posts and one of this weeks caught my eye - because it has to do with the French Market.

Visit to a Paris Market (Video).  There are markets EVERYWHERE in Paris. Ahhhh....

Key points that stuck out are:
Outdoor markets take place in various neighborhoods. (love this)
In general, he buys from the same people - because they know him and they know what he likes.
You have to shift your thinking with the seasons. 
Everything actually looks a little 'funky' which is what he likes. (Good food doesn't look perfect)
Outdoor markets aren't just places to buy food; they act as social centers. (awesome)

Paris Market from David Lebovitz on Vimeo.

Click HERE to see just how many outdoor markets there are in Paris. Amazingly wonderful.

So, what would change for you if you had a market right in your neighborhood?