The Dance

When our girls grew their baby goats (aka kids) I watched and listened with great anticipation.  The sweetest thing ever was listening to the mamas hum to their babies. . . thus my term - Goat Song.

As each expectant mama would lie down - I'd notice how she'd bend her head, take note of her growing belly and then start this gentle hum. Each mom (doe) would make different tonalities.  Singing - I call it - or Goat Song.

I think this is so - so that each baby (if born within a big herd) would be able to find her mom and know her mom because of her particular sound.

Once again, we're starting that season of breeding all over again and today as I watched Caleb (our herd sire from Crow's Dairy in Buckeye) do his 'thing' I have termed this - Goat Dance.

It's as if he courts her in his dance around her. In my opinion - it's a beautiful thing.  It's a nature thing. It's a God thing.

I - we - the neighbors (I'm sure) only hope she 'took' today because her "heat cry" is incredibly obnoxious. Listen {here} for yourself.