Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Wednesdays are always a high light of my week. Early in the morning, around 7 a.m. the cars start rolling in and the rock star women begin to gather finding gloves, shovels, seeds, buckets, stapler guns, wheel barrows, scissors, fertilizer and just about anything else that is needed to make the morning successful in the eyes of a farmer.

And yet, success is a group of women unknown to each other who show up because they dare to and because the care to - to lend a hand and help a little urban (some say suburban) farm (seeking to be self sustaining) in the middle of Scottsdale - grow and connect to its community through good, organic food.

Days like today cause me to stand back and look up and give thanks to some One higher than myself - mainly because I'm in awe of the Providential drawing of these women to this farm and to what they mean to me.  It's in this rare and sacred place that I am learning to love and care deeply for - women who I have invited into my life and they me into theirs and they into each others.  It's more than an inner delight to see them laughing and knowing and chatting and caring and crying and opening up their own souls to each other. . .

. . . much more.