It's Labor Day at The Simple Farm

It's a beautiful day at our farm with lots of activity all over the place. Our kids are gathering the last of their belongs (they moved to a sweet condo a few miles away). Suzanne is lovingly tending our Start Center and Michael is prepping a few beds in the potager before he moves to the "old tomato garden" to add our special soil amendment mix along several 50' row sections. I finished processing this mornings milk from Marie and Storm, did some breeding calendaring and am now making cajeta (goat's milk caramel sauce) with fresh milk. We sell our caramel sauce like hot cakes - which - btw - it's great on pancakes, flan, crepes, ice cream and out of the jar. One woman said her husband sat their and at the whole jar while watching t.v.

As soon as I'm finished, I'll head outside and come along side my husband, wipe his brow, tell him he looks awesome with such dirty hands, serve him lemonade and of course - sing his praises. a wonderful Labor Day at our place. What's happening at your?